How To Choose The Perfect Entry Doors

modern doors

Traditional Doors aren’t unique or uncommon and you will normally find them in several modern homes, although more modern doors are less common and can help you stand out quite a lot. Modern exterior doors are usually quite versatile in terms of style and can easily compliment most modern home decor styles, whilst traditional doors tend to just fit into more traditional decor styles. They are also often available in a range of materials such as wood, steel or aluminum. These different types of doors can also be painted to suit any colour scheme and this is one of the main differences between the two. Wooden doors tend to look more natural and are often preferred due to their looks and strength, although you can also purchase them with stained glass which is a great addition to your contemporary decor, it can give you a touch of classic modern and is quite popular amongst home owners.


With contemporary interior doors it is important to take into consideration the general style and theme of the room you want to put them in as this will dictate a lot about the type of paint you buy, the hardware you choose and even the interior design. A modern door should blend well with the style of the rest of the home but there is certainly no need to make everything match, if you really have a design theme then it’s a good idea to highlight this through the type of paint you choose and the hardware you use. You can also purchase contemporary wood bi-fold doors which allow for great air flow and are a good choice for rooms that receive a lot of sunlight, they’re usually available in a choice of bi-fold and tri-fold models. Steel bi-fold doors are also available but are less popular due to their weight, which causes them to be unsuitable for places where you might have to use the stairs for access.


Another big difference between traditional and modern interior doors is the material they are made from, glass is the most commonly used but many companies now offer a variety of other options, such as PVC, steel or timber. The material you choose will also be affected by the style of the door, some modern doors incorporate glass into the design, for example; a glass panel inserted into a glass door. The material you decide on should be practical and should add to the overall look of your home not detract from it. A good idea will be to research the different materials available so that you are able to make an informed choice when looking at new entry doors.