Kids Nap Mat Review – A Look At The Backpacker Friendly Kids Nap Mat

Parents will love the idea of giving their children a kids mat nap mat to put their feet on when they are sleeping. These colorful novelty mats come in a variety of fun and funky designs that can be used over again or hung proudly on a wall for all to enjoy. The great thing about these mats is that you can find a style that your child will absolutely love and enjoy. Even if your child does not like the particular pattern or design you have chosen he or she will still love the way it feels against his or her bare feet!


Personalized kids nap mats also make for an extremely practical and sweet gift for any occasion. This beautiful one by Oliver and Olivia Kids on Etsy has a soft and cuddly velboa-inspired blanket, adorable front pockets and simple yet quick to use adjustable shoulder strap and zippered front pockets. The adorable dinosaur design comes with a removable pillow and a matching plush stuffed creature that are safe for your baby to snuggle up with and cuddle. The zippered front pockets even hold enough baby items to include a change of baby towels, a bottle, a blanket and some cotton balls for snuggling up with.


The kids nap mats are made from a soft and comfortable microfiber material that keeps them warm and soft while still allowing air to circulate. The removable double sided reversible vinyl graphic prints come in multiple colors so you can coordinate the print with the nursery room decor. These easy to clean blankets are machine washable in cold water and dried on delicate cycle. When you want to remove the graphic print simply pull it off the backing and lay it flat on a towel. The print and the fluffy interior can also be washed in the washing machine on top of normal laundry cycle. Since the kids pillow has a removable elastic bow, it can be easily changed out for another baby sleeping experience with a new or different design.