Advantages Of A Mobile Notary Service

Using a mobile notary service is a convenient way to get a notarized signature on documents such as a grant application, a will, power of attorney or other documents where a signature is important. This saves time because instead of traveling to the notarized signature signing session, you and your witnesses can use your mobile phones to witness and sign the documents in real time from wherever you are. There are now many mobile notary signing businesses which offer certified and insured notaries who can come to you when or wherever you require notarized services. This allows the witnesses to have the same notarized signature as the applicants, which increases the chances of getting a notarized signature. Notaries are also able to do witness signing using mobile phones since they can see the signer and transmit the data immediately to the company to keep the process running smoothly.


You can get a mobile notary service company to deliver the documents to the notaries who are outside your area at a reduced cost. If you are outside the area covered by the mobile notary service, you can get the service company to send the documents to the persons at the main office. Many of the mobile notaries also offer document delivery to parties or individuals who need it within a short period after the notarization. This option saves time because the documents need not be forwarded through the mail.


The technology used by the mobile notary service is fast, convenient and efficient. This saves time because all the signing needs to be done within a short period. The services are available for witness signing only. If the applicant is also going to sign the documents, he has to provide his personal information and signature during the signing session. Mobile notaries are now a preferred choice for many people because they offer notarized and certified copies of any type of legal documents without any additional costs.